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Proyecto Villa Nueva is an organization creating educational opportunities for youth in Honduras. Where poverty is widespread, a good education can transform students, families, and communities.

Our Philosophy

PVN is committed to developing innovative methods with local partners in public schools to support young people within their own education system.

Our work is focused on marginal urban barrios in Tegucigalpa, where only one in three children completes primary school in six years. Only 25 percent of these students pursue a secondary education.

Our approach is guided by three tenets:

  1. We focus on discrete problems and test solutions in our partner schools.
  2. We enable partnership at all levels: within schools, with local organizations in marginal communities, and at the regional and national levels.
  3. We collect information that allows us to assess our work.

Latest News

December 04, 2010

PVN's holiday festivities featured in the national Honduran newspaper, El Heraldo.   + Read more

PVN's holiday activities, involving a trip with the teacher committee and scholarship recipients to Chiminike (Honduras' national children's museum), were featured on the front page of the national daily's cultural section.   - Close

November 12, 2010

PVN awards four new scholarships in the Escuela Dr. Jorge Roberto Maradiaga.        + Read more

PVN's national coordinator, Patrick Maradiaga, awarded new scholarships along with the teacher committee to four fourth grade students. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of merit and need, and support students through the course of their academic study.   - Close

August 24, 2010

PVN launches process to identify new partner schools for 2011 in disadvantaged urban communties.    + Read more

The work is part of PVN's effort to expand the number of participating pilot schools in our model and programming in 2011 and 2012. We anticipate bringing on 3-4 new schools to test teacher committees, curriculum, and youth programming activities.    - Close

June 12, 2010

PVN joins national Honduras association of voluntary organizations, presenting activities at a launch event with teachers in Tegucigalpa.    + Read more

PVN is beginning to build strategic relationships with other like-minded associations in the country. Our focus on youth leadership and development complements the activities of several other organizations active in education.    - Close

April 16, 2010

PVN to host a fundraiser from 6:00-8:00pm on Friday, April 16 at "Artfully Chocolate" in Washington, D.C.   + Read more

Project Director, Brady Walkinshaw, will be joined by Katherine Marshall, former World Bank director and counselor to the president, and now with Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, for a discussion around PVN's role in Honduran education and key opportunities in 2010. Ms. Marshall also serves on PVN's advisory committee   - Close

March 25, 2010

PVN conducts first outdoor leadership training with students and teachers in partnership with the Asocacion Nacional de Ex-becarios para el Desarrollo de Honduras, a Kellogg Foundation-supported NGO, working in positive youth development and education in Honduras.    + Read more

In a national park near Tegucigalpa, PVN facilitated a ropes course and outdoor leadership activities with a group of scholarship recipients and teachers. The activity tests a component of a curriculum that PVN is supporting in 2010, to build momentum for extracurricular activities in schools for the urban poor.    - Close

February 14, 2010

Beginning the new academic calendar in Honduras, PVN's national coordinator, Patrick Maradiaga, joined teachers and administrators at a primary school in Colonia Villanueva to launch our work in 2010 , and to announce new scholarship recipients.   + Read more

Teacher committees work jointly with PVN to select recipients, typically beginning in fourth grade, to receive scholarships for the remainder of their schooling. Our scholarships are based on a mix of financial need and academic potential. We view our scholarship program as a tool to train our teacher committees in leadership, team-building, and financial planning, as a pathway for these groups to become agents of change within their schools.    - Close

December 16, 2009

Joined by project partners, scholarship recipients, and the teacher's committee, PVN hosted a holiday celebration in Colonia Villanueva.    + Read more

   - Close

November 11, 2009

PVN celebrated its third anniversary with a fundraiser in New York City at the Chelsea Sheraton.    + Read more

Board chair, Zachary Woolfe, and board member, Kendall Turner, offered opening remarks, followed by Brady Walkinshaw, PVN's director. Shlomo Angel, professor in NYU's Wagner School and Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, closed with observations on the role that small NGOs can play in bringing innovation into public systems in developing countries.    - Close

October 30, 2009

With a ceremony at Escuela Dr. Jorge Roberto Maradiaga, in Colonia Villanueva, Tegucigalpa, a committee of local teachers supported by PVN awarded four new scholarships to four primary school students.   + Read more

PVN's national coordinator, Patrick Maradiaga, spoke at the ceremony, and emphasized PVN's role of supporting leadership opportunities within schools for students, teachers, and parents.   - Close

October 10, 2009

Our first group of teachers and PVN's teacher committee convened in Tegucigalpa for a leadership training session.   + Read more

Teacher committees in poor urban schools work with PVN to award scholarships. The scholarships are a way to train teachers in school leadership and management, and to build active voices for better quality instruction within schools.    - Close

August 17, 2009

Our partner school, Dr. Jorge Roberto Maradiaga, in Colonia Villanueva, began classes after mid-year break.   + Read more

PVN's work was recognized by the school principal during the kick-off assembly, and PVN's teacher committee presented the scholarship selection process for the coming year.   - Close

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